MVLL - Rules of Conduct

  1. The following rules must be followed by all those in attendance at or participating in MVLL events and apply to all locations used by MVLL including parking lots, playing fields, spectator areas, and common areas.
    1.) No pets of any kind allowed.
    2.) No rock throwing.
    3.) No tree climbing.
    4.) No fence climbing.
    5.) No soliciting without the express permission of MVLL.
    6.) No ALCOHOL or ALCOHOLIC beverage permitted.
    7.) No SMOKING or use of tobacco products of any kind (including chewing tobacco).
    8.) No playing in parking lots at any time.  No playing on and around lawn/maintenance equipment.
    9.) No PROFANITY.
    10.) No swinging bats or throwing baseballs in the spectator or common areas.
    11.) No throwing balls against dugouts or against backstop.
    12.) Observe all posted signs.
    13.) Be alert at all times for foul balls and errant throws.
    14.) After each game, each team must clean up trash in dugout and around stands.
    15.) No children under the age of 16 are to be permitted in the Concession Stand at the VFW fields.
    16.) No parking near the VFW building.  Park in the designated Little League areas only.
    17.) No rollerblading, skateboarding, scooters, or bicycles allowed at the VFW fields.
    18.) The speed limit is 5 MPH at the VFW, Hansen Park and Shannon Park.
    19.) School fields are not to be used for Little League unless assigned by MVLL.
    20.) No one is allowed in the dugout except the coaches, team parent, and roster players.
    21.) Do not leave children unattended.  You are responsible for your own children and anyone else you may bring to the Little League field.  All children must be accompanied by an adult.
    22.) Verbal abuse of an official, coach, player, or spectator, including obscene gestures, will not be tolerated.  (Violations will result in a minimum automatic 1 week suspension.  Further disciplinary actions could be taken by the board.)
    23.) Complaints regarding violation of rules, questionable conduct, and abusive behavior by a player, coach, umpire or fan should be submitted to MVLL in writing to Minisink Valley Little League, Attention: President, PO Box 283, Slate Hill, NY 10973 or to [email protected].

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