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Apr, 2019

MVLL Picture Day

MVLL Picture Day will be Wednesday April 10th at the Minisink Valley Intermediate School cafeteria. Coaches are to have their team arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled photo time. Players should come prepared with their order envelopes filled out and payment enclosed. Coaches will be getting picture envelopes at uniform pickup to pass out to parents. Teams should be lined up by height order (tallest to shortest) to enter photo area. The picture schedule is as follows:

5:30pm - Fundamentals (Green & White)
5:45pm - Tee Ball (Blue Rocks, Hot Rods, Iron Birds)
6:00pm - Tee Ball (Lake Monsters, Lugnuts, River Bandits)
6:15pm - Minors Baseball (Diamondbacks, Pirates, Rangers, Reds, Rockies)
6:30pm - Minors Baseball (White Sox)
6:30pm - Minors Softball (Crimson Tide, Tigers)
6:45pm - Minors Softball (Hurricanes)
6:45pm - Board of Directors
6:45pm - 9/10 Baseball (Diamondbacks, Orioles, Pirates)
7:00pm - 9/10 Baseball (Rangers, Reds, Rockies, White Sox)
7:15pm - 9/10 Softball (Crimson Tide, Jayhawks, Tigers)
7:30pm - Majors Baseball (Diamondbacks, Pirates, Reds)
7:45pm - Majors Baseball (White Sox)
7:45pm - Majors Softball (Crimson Tide, Tigers)
8:00pm - 50/70 Baseball (Grey and Green Team)
8:00pm - Juniors Softball
8:00pm - Seniors Baseball (Grey Team)
8:15pm - Seniors Baseball (White Team)

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