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Feb, 2019

2nd Player Evaluation/Tryouts

Try outs are scheduled for Sunday 2/10/19 @ Capelli Sports from 8:30-9:30am, and Monday 2/11/19 @ the “C” gym in the Intermediate school, during our Player Development work out. If you come on Monday, please bring your player to the session they are trying out for!!!
You MUST bring your player to one of these 2 try outs. 

FOR BOTH SOFTBALL & BASEBALL, your player MUST have already played at least one season in their current (age appropriate) division before we will consider them eligible to try out!!

You MUST go into your online account and select “do you wish your child to play up”, if you haven’t already done so, we need to have a record in the computer of your interest. Please understand that trying out IS NOT A PROMISE that your child will move up. We consider many things in making this decision. Here is what we base the decision on, most importantly it is the player’s talent. They must be capable of playing on the same level with the older players. Remember there will be players 1-2 years older in both divisions. Is there a need for players? Meaning do we need to fill spots on a team to make a full roster? We CAN NOT play a player up if it means over loading a team OR if it would mean leaving a team short players in their age appropriate division. Please remember that we have to keep the best interest of the entire league in mind as well as ALL of our players. 
If you have ANY questions about playing up or the process, please email me ASAP so we can discuss further.

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